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  • Starr Wlodarski

8 Regional Wines to try on the Danube

Get ready, oenophiles! We're setting sail on a divine nectarous journey along the Danube with Cruise Planners-Unique Family Adventures.

Imagine sipping a glass of Grüner Veltliner while being immersed in the stunningly scenic landscapes of Austria. Or perhaps a rich and robustly flavoured Blaufränkisch from Burgenland is more your style? The Danube is not just Europe's second-longest river - it's also the lifeblood of some of the world's most remarkable wine regions.

What better way to experience these exquisite regional wines than from the comfort of a luxury cruise, surrounded by the Danube's verdant vineyards and breathtaking vistas? With Cruise Planners-Unique Family Adventures, your wine-tasting adventure is guaranteed to be as delightful as it is informative. So hop on board and let's embark on a journey of fine wines and unforgettable memories!

Cruising the Danube River delights with its spectacular landscapes of mountains, valleys and towns that look as if time has stood still for centuries. Vienna and Budapest beckon against a backdrop of fertile vineyards ripe with varietals like Merlot's chocolatey-vanilla profile or Riesling's honeyed green apple offerings.

 But don't miss out on local gems unknown to most - experience the region up close by tasting some lesser known wines from along this beautiful riverbank! 

Wiener Gemischter Satz

 Experience the complexity of a Wiener Gemischter Satz - an Austrian white wine made with mixed grapes that blend together in harmony to create something truly special. This white blend takes on the flavor characteristics of each component and ends up with hints of pear, citrus zest, and pepper. Its delicious combination will surely tantalize your taste buds! 


Blaufränkisch is an Austrian varietal renowned for its piercing aromas of cherries and spices, as well as a distinctly full body that brings depth to the glass. With layers of complexity that evolve with every sip, this bold yet balanced red will truly tantalize your taste buds!


r Weissburgunder is a luscious white wine that offers an exquisite blend of crisp flavors. This fruity and floral delight pairs nicely with any meal, making it the perfect companion for your next dinner gathering! 


 Müller-Thurgau is grown and produced in several wine regions in Germany, including the Baden Wine Region, between the Danube and the Rhine Rivers, bordering France. This full-bodied white wine is considered an everyday drinking wine and is most commonly compared to Riesling, although with much less fanfare.

 Grüner Veltliner 

Grüner Veltliner is a celebrated wine in Austria but is also produced outside of Budapest in Etyek-Buda. This white wine is excellent for aging, often up to 10 years or more, and contains a very high acidity, making it great to pair with delicate fish and other seafood.


Zweigelt is comparable to Pinot Noir in both body and flavor profiles. The Zweigelt grape is fruity and light; thus, its used in making rosé wine. Zweigelt is often served chilled and enjoyed during the summer months in Germany. Its light body with hints of dark cherry, herbs, and ripe fruit makes it easy to pair with most cuisine, including hearty meats or light salads

. Silvaner 

Silvaner is a unique grape variety that produces fresh, vibrant wines with aromas of ripe green apples and white flowers. Its signature sharp acidity gives it an unmistakable zing on the palate - perfect for food pairing!


Olaszrizling may sound like Riesling, but the two grapes are not related. Olaszrizling is often considered a table wine, but this Hungarian varietal offers both depths of flavor and structure. This white wine contains a high acidity level with mild sweetness and, when made correctly, has well-rounded tannins. Often blended with Chardonnay in other countries such as Austria, Olaszrizling pairs nicely with delicate fish and light chicken dishes.

A Danube River cruise is a perfect way to sample all these regional varietals that don’t make their way to the US.

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