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4. Madras - the national fabric of Antigua &  Bermuda.jpg


Image by Shreyas Malavalli
SW Luxury Travel


What the client asked for
A romantic couple's only trip for their 25th wedding anniversary. 


What I booked for them

The original anniversary trip was to Disney with 20+ friends and family members. Kassie laughed when she called as I had raised my eyebrows when they did this and she said while we had fun with everyone, they really could use a trip on their own. As they had already fallen in love with Bermuda on Sam’s 50th birthday trip, they wanted to try Jamaica this time. Great beach, smaller resort, and adults only. Of course, a great beach means we are looking at Negril. Went with one of the smaller adults-only resorts that offer a few included excursions; the packaged resort, nonstop flights, and transfers.



"I highly recommend her! Starr is more than a travel agent; she goes above and beyond and does more than cruises. We have gotten to make some priceless memories as a couple and a family thanks to Starr. She has helped us to travel to fabulous destinations! She’s amazing as she checks off every detail of your trip and then is sure to keep an eye on your flights and is there to the rescue if a flight gets canceled or delayed. I travel with peace of mind knowing she’s a phone call away!"

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