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  • Starr Wlodarski

Christmas in May? Why you Should be Booking Holiday Travel Now

Considering the last 2 years and the pent up travel demand mean Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year Travel will require advanced planning, more so than in the past.

This is your heads up it’s time to gather the gang and let’s start make plans now.

There are a lot of credits from the last couple of years floating around and a lot of them need to be used by the end of the year. Popular resorts and certain room categories do book up early and some require a full week stay during the holidays. That smaller resort that’s highlighted in a travel magazine, it’s go time if you want to stay over the holidays. Those types of resorts always book up quickly given their limited number of rooms. Anytime you need a room that sleeps more than 4 or a stateroom that sleeps more then 2. These family type accommodations book up fast, especially at popular times when kids are out of school.

Revenge travel is not something made up by the media, it’s happening clients are booking those trips they have always talked about. Staying home over the holidays and cooking, we’ve been doing that for the last 3 years. We are off to let someone else do that now so we can spend time enjoying ourselves with family and friends.

And yes pricing is higher, basic economic theory of supply and demand. We will get in before demand spikes when the Do it Yourself-ers decide to start booking and realize others have beat them to the punch. That would be my clients! As a travel professional, my job is to make sure you get the vacation that you want not the one you have to settle for or worse get stuck at home. It’s never too early to plan Festive Season travel, for the foreseeable future I think that we should be looking at Christmas in May, wait to July you maybe disappointed.

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