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Less than an hour east of Cape Town lies one of the hidden gems of South Africa. Cape Winelands is a stunning region that features miles of sweeping vineyards that give way to the dramatic jagged mountains. The region got its name from the centuries of winemaking history and tradition that define this part of the country. Cape Town visitors looking to head out of town and explore the local wine, food and culture should look no further than the Cape Winelands.

To help you begin planning your trip, here are a few things to know before you go!


Wine is the number one reason why people visit the Cape Winelands. The wine-making traditions here are some of the oldest in the world. Located in the valley, you will find the town of Franschhoek, which translates to “French Corner.” Franschhoek was established in the late 17th century by French refugees who are credited with introducing their knowledge of vine cultivation and wine-making to the area. Today, Cape Winelands is known for its abundance of world-renowned vineyards. Spend a day or two getting to know South Africa’s wine country and pick up a few bottles to take home along the way.


Where there is wine, there is food, and Cape Winelands does not disappoint. Similar to the food you will find in Cape Town, the staple foods in this region are traditional South African dishes. A BBQ, or braai as the locals call it, is a popular pastime. Be sure to try the boerewors, which are deliciously seasoned beef and pork sausages. If you are craving something sweet, try the malva pudding, a soft sponge cake made with apricot jam and smothered in a decadent creamy sauce.


The Cape Winelands features a unique blend of cultural influences from all over the world. The town of Stellenbosch is South Africa’s second-oldest town and has impressive Dutch-style colonial buildings. Meanwhile, Franschhoek still features strong French influences. If you are interested in seeing more than just the vineyards, this region boasts several impressive art galleries featuring contemporary and traditional work. They also host several festivals throughout the year, which all are welcome to attend!

If you are planning a trip to Cape Town, it is worth setting aside a day or two to drive out to the Cape Winelands to experience South Africa’s wine country. We’d love to help you add this to your trip. Contact us today to get started.

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