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  • Starr Wlodarski


Have you ever gone on vacation with your spouse/partner or immediate family and seen groups just having a great time and wondering wow wouldn't that be fun.

Let me tell you yes it is, lets face it if you have someone who just likes to lounge by the pool and you want to check out all the amenities of your resort or cruise ship, you end up by yourself.

Then lets talk kids, you can lead one to a kids/teen club but you can't make them participate, and then don't you always dread that they will sulk about friends back home and turn into trip killers.

No you don't want to be that person yelling I spent X number of dollars, have fun! Or you would just like to get away with friends and let dad hold the fort down for awhile.

Tired of spending the holidays with pots & pans instead of your family? Why not gather everyone and go somewhere, enjoy time with them and let someone take care of you. What are great ways for groups to travel? All inclusive resorts, cruises of any type and tours. Don't like the idea of a big bus tour, go with a tour designed just for your group. And you don't have to have a huge amount of people to do this cost effectively.

Big cruise ship not your cup of tea, how about renting a yacht complete with captain, crew and cook for a week? Here are a few ideas for you; Want to show those kids/grandkids the world? Yes there are companies that specialize in this, so everyone has a great time and they keep the kids engaged with activities like a scavenger hunt at the Louvre. Looking for a girls getaway plus a little holiday shopping, A Christmas market river cruise either on the Danube or Rhine, where you'll be able to find unique items to give to your loved ones. Have a bunch of friends that are Downton Abbey fans, why not play the part by sailing to England on the Queen Mary 2. Have afternoon tea, dress for dinner and pretend your Lady Mary. Then spend a few days in London and head out for a tour of Highclere Castle. I know you are thinking this would be all a big headache to put together, and you don't have time to herd cats. That's where a group travel professional comes in, they know who to work with to give you the trip you want and answer all those questions that will arise. And we do all the work, taking deposits, keeping you updated on who booked and I'll make sure Aunt Sue doesn't miss final payment or forget to buy her airfare. Every group has that straggler that needs to be taken care of.

This leaves you to just be able to count the days till your departure. Give me a call, professional cat herder(aka group specialist) and let's get your group on!

If you are part of a non for profit or a church? You can do a trip and use it for a fundraising activity. Ask me how?

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