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  • Starr Wlodarski

Making Waves of Memories: How a River Cruise Creates Unforgettable Family Moments

Parents and grandparents want to plan extraordinary family vacations creating shared memories that will last a lifetime. Iconic destinations help to generate these kinds of enriching vacation experiences. Europe is a popular destination for family and multigenerational vacations, offering a rich tapestry of cultural, adventure and learning experiences for families with kids of all ages. While European river cruising used to be viewed as primarily for adults, parents and grandparents have recently discovered its family appeal. River cruising offers a relaxing way for families to enjoy Europe and make memories together. Many of the major river cruise lines have created cruises that are now geared toward families. Their designated multigenerational cruises feature exciting family programs and special excursions, a dedicated Family Host to supervise kids' activities, attractive family pricing and more. If your considering taking the kids to Europe, here are the best reasons to choose a river cruise for your family's next vacation:

1. Effortlessly Explore the Heart of Europe with a Family River Cruise

In contrast to some other family vacation options, river cruises offer families a stress-free way to experience the charms of Europe. Being on a river cruise is like vacationing aboard a floating family-friendly luxury boutique hotel. Unpack once and let Europe's most picturesque villages and cities arrive at your doorstep each morning. Because ships generally tie up in or close to town, families can experience these destinations in a relaxed manner. It's usually easy to stroll off the boat and walk to local shops, attractions and cafes.

2. European Family River Cruises are extraordinarily All-Inclusive.

The price of these family river cruises includes nearly everything you need for a great European vacation. Most cruise packages cover all scheduled airport transfers, some shore excursions with a variety of personalized options, all gratuities for onboard crew and local guides, all meals, some forms of unlimited beverages of every kind, ship-wide Internet and WI-FI access, free use of bicycles and much more in the price of their river cruise vacations. This allows families to fully enjoy their vacation without worrying about logistics and budgets. Some extra services are also available, such as spa treatments and additional optional shore excursions.

3. European Family River Cruises are Easy to Plan.

The all-inclusive approach of a river cruise makes planning European family vacations simple. The cruise lines also offer very appealing pre- and post-cruise packages for those who would like to stay a little longer and Explore Europe's cities and attractions in more detail. It's very helpful for families to arrive a day or two before the cruise to cope with jet lag and potential travel delays.

4. Europe Family River Cruises offer Engaging Itineraries and Attractions. River cruise lines offer family-friendly departures on the Rhine River, the Danube, the Seine River and other European waterways. The itineraries have proven so popular the major river cruise lines have tripled their family-friendly sailings in the last several years. These multigenerational river cruises provide the kids with mind-expanding travel experiences, with the opportunities for families to spend quality time together while they experience some truly unique events. The itineraries families can experience include exploring authentic medieval castles along the Upper Rhine River Valley, walk along the wing of a Boeing 747 airplane at Speyer's Tecknik Museum, take rides across vineyards and along scenic winding canals, enjoy hands-on exhibits and tasty chocolates in Vienna, and much more.

5. European Family River Cruises are Entertaining for Kids.

On multigenerational cruises, many lines have a Host is onboard to supervise the children and accompany exclusive family shore excursions. They also design fun activities that will be engaging for both kids and family members. Many of the family activities includes cooking demonstrations, tours of the wheelhouse with the captain, and dedicated family excursions to a castle or a town.

6. European Family River Cruises are Excellent for Multigenerational Vacations.

Today's grandparents want to make lasting memories and share enriching new experiences with their families. A relaxing river cruise is the perfect vehicle for achieving those goals. The shore excursions feature exceptional guides who expertly will bring their cities and towns to life for guests of all ages. With a European river cruise, parents and grandparents will expose their children to the wonderful cultures of Europe in a fun and intimate way.

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