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  • Starr Wlodarski


You finally have that youngest child packed off to college or you managed to get the grandparents to watch the kids while you head off for an adult vacation.

The last thing you want to see are a bunch of little darlings running around.

Of course someone will tell you to head for an adult only all inclusive resort, but maybe sitting on the beach is not what you have in mind for this trip.

Viking River and Ocean Cruises are adult only and the hotly anticipated Virgin Voyages will also be adult only also.

But if a cruise is not in your plans, here are my top tips of avoiding kids.

Don't think your kids' school schedule is what the rest of the country does, school schedules are very local. So here is what you need to know.

1. Spring Break is a moveable feast: K-12 schools breaks can be from early March-mid April. Gone is the time when schools just broke around the 2 weeks surrounding Easter.

2. Not everyone is on the Labor Day to mid June school year. Depending on location, some schools start in August and finish up anywhere from mid May onward.

3. Jersey Week No this is not some Disney/ESPN promotion to get people into the parks at a rather slow time of the year. It 's the week that New Jersey schools get Thursday & Friday off so the teachers can go to the union convention. Since it sometimes falls on election week, families do pull the kids out for the entire week. So resorts and cruise ships may seem a little fuller this week.

4. Fall Break- Some schools do have a week long fall break in October. The week Columbus Day falls in is popular.

5. President's Day week & Mardi Gras week- Yes, kids in certain areas of the country get these weeks off.

I will keep these times in mind when planning your adult getaway

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