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  • Starr Wlodarski

The View from My Desk-2023 Travel Trends

Looking at 2023, it's very clear that travel is back and demand is at an unprecedented rate. At our agency, bookings for 2022 were up 15% over 2019 levels, which was a banner year.

Only a month into 2023, it's definitely going to be The Year of Travel by the sales we've seen in December and January. Luxury is at the top of the list and clients are sparing no expense to create memories with their loved ones. Our leading categories/destinations for 2023 departures are.

  • European River Cruises

  • Mediterranean

  • Baltic Sea

  • Antarctica

  • Africa- Middle East- India

Key cruise destinations are up also, Alaska and Mediterranean cruises departures are trending 32% higher than 2019.

Other trends we are following:

  • Increased focus on sustainability: With concerns about the impact of tourism on the environment growing, it's likely that we'll see more travelers seeking out eco-friendly options for their vacations. This could include an increase in the popularity of eco-tourism, as well as a greater emphasis on sustainable practices at hotels and resorts. LNG powered ships are also on the rise for major cruise lines as they look to reduce their carbon footprint.

  • Rise of domestic travel: The events of the past few years have made many people hesitant to travel internationally, and this trend is likely to continue in the short-term. As a result, we could see an increase in domestic travel, as people explore more of their own country and region. Hence the increase in Alaska cruises and we are also seeing a big jump in Canada/New England sailings from the east coast, for those not ready for longer flights. National Park escorted tours are also popular.

  • Multi-Generational Travel: Families are maximizing time together by making sure grandparents, parents and children travel together. Caribbean cruises and Mexican all-inclusive resorts have always options for those looking for this type of travel. But this year we are now seeing more Alaska cruises, the family-oriented river cruises from Tauck Bridges and Adventures by Disney along with more exotic locations like African Safaris.

  • Personalization and customization: With so much choice available, travelers are increasingly seeking out personalized and customized experiences that cater to their individual interests and preferences. This could include everything from custom-tailored tours to personalized vacation packages.

As I see this every day, my opinion is if you are thinking about any trip in 2023 now is the time to schedule a consultation with me and let's get started. Especially if you have "odd numbers" in your group and need a triple or single rooms.

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