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  • Starr Wlodarski

Warning major river cruise FOMO

You wake up with the sunrise, and as you open the curtains in your room, you realize you’re in a completely different country than the one you were in last night!

Maybe you’re a morning person, so you head out for a spin class before sitting down to check emails while you sip fresh coffee and enjoy a light breakfast in the dining room.

Or maybe you decide to hit the snooze button (because is it really a vacation if you’re not sleeping in?!) and decide to grab a pastry before hopping on one of the cruise ship’s bikes to ride into town for the day’s adventure.

Because the ship is docked in the heart of the city’s downtown, you’re right in the middle of the action as soon as you step off the boat. No need to find a taxi or rent a car—you easily make your way on foot through local food stands, restaurants, cafes, and museums.

Throughout the day, you admire the architecture—old medieval towns and breathtaking castles right out of a storybook. You’re amazed by the landscape as well, miles of lush vineyards and green valleys that extend in every direction.

Perhaps you’re not in the mood for walking around today, so instead of getting off the ship, you spend the day resting and relaxing. With a glass of wine in hand, you take in the views from the comfort of your cabin’s private balcony or decide to visit the Skydeck or a dip in the pool.

Before heading back to your room to get ready for dinner, you stop by the reception desk where you pick up a postcard to send to your loved ones. After writing Wish you were here! in your best handwriting, you hand the card back to the cruise staff, who will mail it for you at no additional cost.

At dinner time, you enjoy a delicious meal prepared by the cruise chef. The 5-star meal includes local and seasonal ingredients (something you won’t get on an ocean cruise!) along with endless complimentary wine, hand-selected for you by European sommeliers.

Before bed, you relax with a cup of tea in your room or unwind with a nightcap on your balcony. As you reflect on the great day you had, you can’t help but wonder what tomorrow will have in store…

Before dozing off, you feel a thrill of excitement, thinking about how—when you wake up— you’ll be in a totally different country where all-new adventures await!

Not bad, right?!

The amazing thing about river cruises is that you can enjoy them YOUR way. Unlike ocean cruises, there’s no set time for breakfast or dinner, so you don’t have to rush to be anywhere by a set time. And because there are no activities on board, you can enjoy the quiet and actually relax on your vacation.

You can be active or you can rest. You can socialize or you can keep to yourself. It’s completely up to you!

And as I’ve mentioned in my previous emails, there’s also the perk of seeing multiple destinations in ONE trip without having to unpack and pack your bags, travel from one hotel to another, or spend precious time in traffic between destinations.

As always, I’m here to help you plan the river cruise that works for you. Want to hear more about the hundreds of river cruises you can choose from? Book your free 15-minute call with me for more information!

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