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  • Starr Wlodarski

What to Pack for an Alaskan Cruise

Glacier Bay National Park, rain jacket and puffer vest

Even for experienced travelers, packing for Alaska can be a challenge. Depending on the time of year, you can go from sunny and warm one part of the day to cooler and rainy later in the day. Also consider the types of excursions you’ll be doing. Helicopter landing on a glacier, you’ll need to be dressed warmly compared to someone doing a pub crawl in town.

Having the right gear will allow you to fully enjoy the Great Land

Clothes that you can layer-

Base layer

Long/short sleeve tops

Shorts and or those convertible pants


Fleece vest/puffer jacket that can fit under a rain jacket

Raingear-jacket and if you are doing kayaking consider a pair of rain pants

This is where “performance outdoor” gear from Eddie Bauer, Patagonia or REI makes sense.

Waterproof/water resistant shoes- You’ll want something with a good tread for shore excursions, you’ll probably be off sidewalks

Socks-bring extra, as if your feet get wet you can change them.

Lightweight backpack-to carry those extra socks, extra layers, and additional items.

Binoculars-great for whale spotting on the ship or during an excursion

Hat & gloves, you’ll appreciate them on certain excursions or during the day in Glacier Bay National Park

Insect repellent

Sunglasses-it might not rain


If traveling during Alaska shoulder season, May, or September a 3 in 1 jacket maybe a good idea.

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