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  • Starr Wlodarski

What to Pack for Your African Safari

This is part of the packing list we give to clients heading to Africa. Since you are going to be outdoors a lot of the time you need to have comfortable clothes that protect you from the elements so you can enjoy the animal viewing


Natural colors like khaki, olive, grey and light brown are perfect. Bright colors and white will scare away animals since you will stand out in the African landscape, while dark colors like navy, black and brown attract insects.

Also need to look for “performance” fabric that are comfortable, lightweight for packing purposes.

Casual slacks

Walking shorts

Polo shirts, casual short-sleeve shirts, or blouses

Long sleave shirts or blouses

Comfortable closed toe walking shoes with good tread

A pair of rubber beach sandals to use as slippers.

Travelling during Africa's winter months of mid-May through early September, bring warmer garments to layer, light weight sweater, hat, gloves, lined jacket — to protect against chilly early morning and evening temperatures.

Brimmed hat for sun protection with a chin strap to keep it from blowing off in an open-air vehicle.



Sports bra for women for bumpy roads


Resort casual clothes for city and resort dining (if on your itinerary)

Other Essentials

Sunglasses / Sun block

Prescriptions and medications (in their original bottles and/or packaging)

Insect repellent with high % of DEET to protect against mosquitos and tsetse flies Simple Simple first-aid kit

Extra eyeglasses/contact lenses

Charging cables for electronics

Global travel adapter

Extra batteries for camera

Small LED flashlight

Lightweight binoculars

Inflatable pillow or stadium cushion can make bumpy roads more comfortable

Foldable walking stick

Small daypack or fanny pack

Low-suds detergent for washing small items like underwear and socks

Also need to note that plastic bags have been banned in Kenya and Tanzania, and Botswana has a law pending also. This would include your quart Ziploc you use for TSA here in the states.

There are reusable bags available in stores for that. Also, if you use tall kitchen bags for dirty clothes, you’ll need to rethink that.

Depending on destination there are luggage restrictions on intra Africa flights, we will advise use per your itinerary the weight and size restrictions of your checked luggage. Duffle and soft side luggage is preferred.

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