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Invest in your sense of adventure. 

Wherever you want to go and whatever you want to do, we will get you there. 

How much time do you have?

Time is considered the ultimate luxury, and we know you want to spend your time doing things you enjoy. 


Sorting through credit card points, reading countless blogs and comparing booking sites is probably not high on your list of favorite things. 


Rather than sacrificing time away from friends and family, let us give you your time and peace of mind back. 


We will plan your dream vacation from the must-see sights, flight details, and everything else in between. 



You're at that place in life where you have the time to enjoy the best the world has to offer.


In our guide we have ideas for the “been there done that” to the new to international travel traveler. 


Planning now is key, to avoid being shut out of your preferred destination. 

Discover a new
way to travel. 

Peace of Mind

Does it ever seem like you hear about the must-see sights in Bangkok or the absolute best restaurants in Paris after you are home from vacation? We are here to ensure that you experience everything, and more, during your trip.

Insider Knowledge 

How is an explorer like you expected to know which neighborhoods you should book your hotel in or which shore excursions are best for certain days of your cruise? That is what we are here for. We will plan the trip that is right for you.

Save Time and Money

We recognize the value of your vacation, from both a financial and personal perspective. As the world of travel planning becomes more complex, we are here to be your travel planning allies. 

We have seen first-hand the mistakes people make while traveling and we are here to make sure it does not happen to you.

  1. As travel advisors with over a decade of experience, we have experienced it all. From planning celebratory vacations to spending hours on the phone rescheduling a honeymoon after a hurricane, we are here to take the stress out of travel planning. 

  2. We know what it means to put the client first. Having helped transform hundreds of apprehensive or indecisive clients into confident jetsetters, we look forward to helping you make your travel dreams a reality. 

  3. We believe everyone should have the opportunity to see the world. As Certified Autism Travel Professionals, we cater to the needs of all individuals and have trusted industry partners who are equally as committed to your vacation as we are. 




Luxury Vacations

cruise ship on island

River and Ocean Cruises


Multigenerational Vacations

– STEP 1 –


Every great vacation starts with a phone consultation. We would love to get to know you and what you want in your next vacation.

– STEP 2 –


We will put together your personalized proposal, from there we fine tune and perfect your itinerary. 

– STEP 3 –


As you get excited for your vacation. We will continue to monitor flights, tours and accommodations and advise you of any important information about your vacation. We are also there to answer your question pre, during and post vacation.


– STEP 1 –
Personal Consultation

We are excited to begin your travel journey. During your personal consultation we want to learn more about your travel style and the types of experiences you enjoy.

– STEP 2 –
Research and Planning

We compare flights, hotels, cruise lines and more so you don’t have to. We will present three itineraries that maximize your vacation time and work together to finalize the one that is right for you based on budget, desired experiences, and more.

– STEP 3 –
Booking and Preparation

Once we book your trip we will review any passport/visa requirements, provide assistance in applying if necessary and put together departure documentation for your. During your vacation we will monitor your flights and be available to make any recommendations or updates to the itinerary.


Starr Wlodarski

Welcome to travel planning made simple. 

At SW Luxury Travel, we know planning international travel, whether it is land based or on a cruise, can be so overwhelming that you get frustrated and want to forget about going. 


You’ve reached a place in your life where you have the time to do exactly what you want, but that doesn’t include spending hours researching, planning and booking an itinerary that is logistically sound and maximizes vacation time. 


Even still, all of your hard world can go awry due to canceled reservations, missed flights, or unexpected weather. Suddenly you have to spend even more time on the phone pleading for a refund or a new ticket. 


How would it feel going home and the only thing you can tell your friends is that your amazing vacation was less than spectacular?


It doesn’t have to be this way. At SW Luxury Travel, when we plan vacations our clients feel organized, relaxed, prepared and excited. 


Our white-glove travel planning services includes a selection of the right destination that matches with their interests, three itinerary options that maximizes their vacation time, and a pre-departure review of the arrangements and necessary documents. 


Our clients get a vacation better than they could imagine without all the stress and drama of planning it themselves.


If you are ready for a vacation that is truly relaxing, contact us today.


SW Luxury Travel


What the client asked for
A romantic couple's only trip for their 25th wedding anniversary. 


What I booked for them

The original anniversary trip was to Disney with 20+ friends and family members. Kassie laughed when she called as I had raised my eyebrows when they did this and she said while we had fun with everyone, they really could use a trip on their own. As they had already fallen in love with Bermuda on Sam’s 50th birthday trip, they wanted to try Jamaica this time. Great beach, smaller resort, and adults only. Of course, a great beach means we are looking at Negril. Went with one of the smaller adults-only resorts that offer a few included excursions; the packaged resort, nonstop flights, and transfers.



"I highly recommend her! Starr is more than a travel agent; she goes above and beyond and does more than cruises. We have gotten to make some priceless memories as a couple and a family thanks to Starr. She has helped us to travel to fabulous destinations! She’s amazing as she checks off every detail of your trip and then is sure to keep an eye on your flights and is there to the rescue if a flight gets canceled or delayed. I travel with peace of mind knowing she’s a phone call away!"


Wherever you want to go and whatever you want to do, we will get you there. 

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